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What Pranoy Offers

Thanks for swinging by. ✨  Curious about what I offer?

I specialize in bringing your unique stories to life through


Ramya Reddy, Photographer, Author, Founder: Coonoor&Co

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pranoy over the past few years on our creative projects at Coonoorandco. Pranoy has a unique and exquisite perspective in his visual approach that is both vibrant and delicate. I am always impressed by his talent at the editing table and his willingness to experiment with new approaches. As a visual person and professional photographer myself, I know the importance of bringing diverse perspectives to the table, and Pranoy always challenges me to look at things in different ways. Together, we have brainstormed new approaches and ways of storytelling, and I appreciate his ability to adapt to changes while still maintaining structure. I look forward to collaborating with Pranoy on many more creative endeavours with C&C and beyond. Thank you, Pranoy, for being an invaluable member of our creative team.
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Visual Storytelling

From concept to screen, I craft films that resonate and connect, telling your story in the most compelling way.

Personalized Photoshoot 📷

Tailor-made sessions to capture your essence in the perfect light. It’s all about you and your story.



Need guidance? I offer both hourly consultations and monthly retainer services to bring your vision to fruition, with expertise at every step.

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