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the art of toda

lyrical documentary 

The indigenous Toda women from the Nilgiris, part of a small community as rare as it is unique, are renowned for their distinctive, GI-tagged, black and red embroidery. Inspired by nature, the pukhoor (motif) embroidery follows the warp and weft thread count of the base cloth. The thread is counted with fingers as the material is stretched just so, and a single stitch darning needle is all the equipment that is used. For generations, the finished product was created and intended purely for personal use as ‘all occasion’ apparel amongst the Todas.


explorative arts.

Practice is an essential part of any performing artist’s life. It is a deeply personal journey that builds the creative identity of the artist while determining the path ahead. For many artists, it is not the destination but often the journey that defines them and their art. As audience or as art seekers, we see the end result and are spellbound by the magic that is created. But do we know what goes on behind creating that magic?

This is where the idea of “Riyaz” was born. What started as a personal project to document ‘Swatis’ practice, we ended up questioning its relevance to the artist and the viewer. The idea of this concept began organically due to the long haul of the pandemic and how it has affected the process of dance-making for artists.

monsoon musings

campaign film

Welcome to Coonoor & Co, an independent online magazine about slow, sensorial
and sustainable living & a forthcoming store.
This edition, our second, is titled "Monsoon Reflections", and showcases the many moods of human experience and of the season. It contains inspiring images of natural beauty and moving glimpses into many different walks of life, including our first long interview.
Enjoy this short film that captures the essence of the season in the hills as we know and experience it.

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